For more than twenty five years perfect pc software Systems might the industry’s biggest pc software designer

For more than twenty five years perfect pc software Systems might the industry’s biggest pc software designer

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With services which are unmatched, Best consistently offer high-end efficiency. From solitary shop, localized systems to complete homes Office/Multi-Store systems, Ideal program merchandise provide unmatched performance. With computer software composed from soil up designed for the check/loan market, Ideal items are smooth, secure and protected. The IDEAL option would be made to allow the business owner regulation and freedom in how-to set-up and operate their own company.

What it really does

The best Check Cashing & wage advance application is a robust remedy for just about any process. Full-featured function and several additional segments make Best economic Services goods unsurpassed. With unparalleled versatility, Ideal products make it possible to configure a solution that’s perfect for their operation.

What you’ll get

  • One Display Handling
  • On line Teletrack Inquiries*
  • Price Export Ready
  • Payday Advance/Check Cashing Home Business Office System*
  • Video Clip Capture*
  • Employee Special Accessibility Rights
  • Entry to Some Other Store Data*
  • On Display Customer & Check Background
  • Multi-user/Multi-drawer Capability*


This program module aids areas that want several workstations. With this module chances are you’ll run the Payday Loan/Check Cashing system in a a€?peer to peera€? conditions or perhaps you might also operate in a a€?client-servera€? arrangement.

Video Catch

This program component allows you to catch a photograph of a client with a web cam and store it a long-term an element of the customer’s record. The graphics of the buyer is obviously apparent when running virtually any exchange. Allows quick graphic verification of an individual’s personality.

Inspect & Document Scanning

This software component allows the client’s check and other needed records as read into the system as a permanent the main transaction. These things are scanned during the purchase or after. Checks may be read with offered Magtek check imagers or a mini MICR viewer (best catches MICR records, no picture of check). Magtek units will review and stores MICR ideas into system automatically, removing feasible mistakes. Papers instance buyer ID, pay stub, proof of address, signed contract, etc. might be read inside program by use of a TWAIN conforming flatbed scanner. Search graphics may also be seized with flatbed scanner (no MICR facts). Deciding and configure what sort of papers as soon as you may record them. Captured graphics are also available becoming viewed and published at home workplace plan.

Collector Workstation Plus

This program component try an upgrade to the base enthusiast definitely incorporated all of our Payday Loan/Check Cashing system. This enables these innovations because capacity to assign collection account to particular employees predicated on requirements which you choose. You have the power to put graphic and sound notifications to tell customers of planned telephone calls as produced. The system may also track the range results of your own staff. Whenever used in combination with Centralized series home workplace, a shop staff may operate a bad personal debt item for a collection period and then that is likely to be moved and allotted to collection staff at your home company or outside collection company.

Condition Database Program

This program component enables user interface with condition databases. This eliminates the potential for staff member mistake together with want to enter loan ideas into two systems. All deals that want upgrading towards the condition database are carried out in real-time with no further activities required by the workforce.

Installment Financial Loans

This software component lets you procedure installment financing. This system will at this time deal with Industrial or means a€?Ba€? loans. These financing sort need add-on interest. The computer determines the amount of loan predicated on variables your build inside system and also the principle joined of the user within aim of deal. The machine also brings a payment timetable for your financing. A contract is actually immediately published for each and every new installment mortgage deal and can even become individualized. This might be used as an add-on module toward Payday Loan/Check Cashing plan permitting both providers becoming controlled out-of one funds cabinet.

ACH Screen

This program component allows the program of digital drafts of buyer bank account to speed up cash flow. An account with benefit cost programs is required for this component. Positive aspect is actually an authorized processor for ACH purchases. Utilization of this module gets rid of double entry of check facts and eliminates the possibility of problems. The user interface will connect info on the electronic debit of customer’s bank checking account and any adverse information received after products has become presented instance NSF or accounts Closed condition. The system will automatically revise customer data.

The aid of ACH was a tremendous appliance in running any pay day loan procedure. From first deposit to collections activity, you will gather more money owed, clear past due records and reduce lender services expense. No payday lender should run without one. For additional information about Advantage cost techniques visit their site or phone 1-888-718-6767.

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